Welcome to leDDer project!

The leDDer project is a simple example of Open Source development. It shows different aspects of Linux programming. Software part of project consist of two parts:

  • Loadable Kernel Module
  • XMMS plugin

What this project peveloped for? This is most difficult question you can ask me :-) I'd worked on the leDDer for myself. I like music very much. Some times ago I want to find some lightmusic staff for Linux(in general) and for XMMS - my favourite musical player.

After parsing Web, I had found xplsisnjasp - lightmusical device and XMMS plugin. This made a great impression for me. And I decided make my own system like that (a bit :)

The leDDer consist of two parts: hardware and software.Hardware part you can see at xplsisnjasp. This is common schema how to connect leds to LPT. I have plans to make a real lightmusic device, but my knowleges in electronics restricts me :( Software kernel driver and XMMS plugin you can download from here. If you have any problems,proposals or ideas - please contact me.

And once more. This project created as educational project. Please feel free to use my sources due to GPL :-)

Please, contact me Troll